21. Memory

Memory feeds imagination.

   — Amy Tan (Author of New York Times bestseller, The Joy Luck Club)

The walls of Joyous Gard are ornate with images of life’s most significant moments. Painted with the storied brush of yesterday, the murals of one’s life and circumstance feed the imagination and quicken one’s sense of the future. How quickly present times become memories, charged with the capacity to heal the wounded spirit and put one back on his feet.


Often times, the path that takes one back to yesterday leads also to tomorrow. So, my friend, forget not your troubles but remember them as times of triumph over difficulty. Remember them not in order to arouse fear but rather to inspire greatness.


Days 21-24 Guide


Discount not the highest or lowest times but consider them all to be part of your experience.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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