21. Memory

I don’t know about you, but I often think of earlier times; most of my memories are of sweet times and of things that help me feel better about life today. For me, memories hold important life-energy that upon their recall is released into my day and my attitude.

I’m thankful for the markers along the way that chronicle my past – the music, school, movies, and certain friendships. There are hundreds of songs, for example, that immediately flash me back to specific times in my life – possibly the high school or college years. The recollection of any particular grade or class in my elementary or high school years is also loaded with memorable events and friends.




I remember fourth grade quite well. In fact, my teacher, Mrs. Williams, still lives in Augusta, and I see her quite often. Although she could yell with “the best of ’em,” she was one of my favorite teachers. It’s just that when she wanted you in your seat, she’d let you know it!


I remember one day my buddies and I found a nice rock; I guess it probably weighed a couple of pounds and was about the size of an adult hand. We signed our names to that rock and gave it to Mrs. Williams as a gift, thinking, I guess, that she’d find some good use for it. And boy, did she. 


From that point and through all the years extending to her retirement Mrs. Williams used that rock just as a judge might use a gavel to bring “order in the court.” Whenever things got a little out of hand in her classroom, she’d bang that big rock on her desk to let you know that she was serious. “The rock” served her well, and in fact became a trademark for her teaching style. Any student of hers since that fourth grade class of mine would be able to tell you about “the rock.”


Now, whenever I see Mrs. Williams, she lets me know that she still has that old rock and that she plans to one day give it back to me. I think that she may want me to have it as a reminder of those good times in her fourth grade class.


Day 21 Guide


Today, consider memories that are packed with energy. Recall some of those earlier times and light the fire.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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