21. Retrospect

In a lifetime there will certainly be some things that you regret. From time to time, you may hear yourself say, “In retrospect, I should have¦” But be careful not to confuse retrospect with regret. Retrospect, in my opinion, is the view to a meaningful life. It is the intellectual assessment and synthesis of events that act to solidify your faith in being part of a greater plan. Retrospect helps to unravel answers to the question, “Where is God?”


On the surface, life seems to be made up of a collection of mostly unrelated events. But it is transformed into a beautiful dance when seen in the light of retrospect. Looking back, you’ll probably find that some of the choices you’ve made by a simple flip-of-the-coin turn out to have been critical junctures in your life and conversely, that some of the seemingly important decisions turn out to have had little real meaning. I think that apart from retrospect, it is impossible to gauge the direction and the meaning of your life.


Remember the movie “Forest Gump?” It was a retrospective view of one man’s life showing just how some of the most important things are often the result of otherwise trivial decisions or happenstance. The film begins with the image of a feather drifting in the sky, caught in a wind that keeps it afloat and moves it unpredictably in space until finally, it falls at the foot of the main character, Forest Gump. The feather, of course, represents the life of Gump, played by actor Tom Hanks, who tells his life story to a series of strangers that sit beside him on a bench. In his lap, Gump holds a box of candy — the cue to his reciting one of the many aphorisms he learned in life:

 “Life is like a box of chocolates,” he says, “you never know what you’re gonna get.”


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Contrary to how it may seem, life is not lived independent of a greater plan. Look back to see the trodden path.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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