21. Visions

Imagine a mind that knows everything that’s going on all at once in the universe. Such is the mind of God. Think about it: somewhere in the world right now there are mothers and fathers loving their newborns, sunbathers on beaches, people traveling in the air, on land and at sea. Somewhere there are lovers kissing, children playing, husbands and wives gardening, and friends talking on the phone. Somewhere in the world there are those grieving over the loss of parent, a spouse, a sibling or a child. And somewhere in the world there is loneliness and despair, hunger and coldness.


In this world there are minds that are thinking and learning, experiencing, waking and sleeping. Some are happy, energetic and alive. Others are sad, despondent, and wanting.


Somewhere in the universe there is a star dying but then one coming to life to take its place. There are planets in motion, awesome galactic storms, sunrises and sunsets. All at once this beautiful cosmos is taking in energy only to give it back.


Yes, the mind that at once knows of all the simultaneous events occurring in the universe must also be the mind that choreographs their amazing dance and the ceaseless pumping of energy in and out.


Day 21 Guide


Today, look beyond your own life and consider the mind that knows all things at once. Sometimes, we see ourselves in a mess here on this planet, don’t we? By our nature though we are short sighted, tending toward a narrow perspective. Today, work towards making a time of peace and solitude during the day to contemplate the greater things.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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