22. Life

Traveling on business with a couple of my co-workers years ago, I was in the backseat of the car when we stopped for lunch at one of the highway exits. We were tired and hungry. And when Terry, the driver, parked the car, everyone was quick to jump out, stretch his legs and make his way to the restaurant — everyone except me, that is. You see I couldn’t get my seatbelt off. I was stuck.


I pushed and pushed on the release button, but to no avail. The damned thing was stuck and so was I. I watched through the window as my friends walked toward the restaurant. And in a panic, I managed to open the car door and yell to them before they made it to the restaurant doors, “Hey, guys, I’m stuck. My seatbelt is stuck!”


Well, for them it was a great moment. That incident just seemed to lighten things up, but obviously at my expense. Oh, I would’ve laugh too. In fact I did, but not until Terry cut me out of the seatbelt with a pocketknife. I was free from the confines of that automobile, but it would be weeks before I was free of that story. In the end, I think everyone and his brother knew about my being stuck in the backseat of Terry’s Wagoneer.


Do you ever feel stuck? Do you ever feel like everyone is moving forward except you? Maybe you should call on someone — a friend — for help. I believe it’s important to learn not to wait for things to improve; to change the situation you’ve got to sometimes take action yourself.


Day 22 Guide


Today, think of the people who might be able to help you out of a jam. Think of those who might understand being stuck. Don’t’ wait for the situation to change. 


Today’s topic, Life, is the last in the series of the Joyous Gard Cycle of Days. But it’s also the first of the week and an opportunity for a fresh start.


Go get ’em.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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