22. Retrospect

About a year ago I received a call from a lady concerning my childhood home. As it turned out, she and her sister had also grown up there, and they wanted to come and see it once again. Though vacant and being readied for sale, the house was still owned by my father, and I was glad to accommodate. I thought it’d even be fun to hear some of the history behind the old house. About a week later I met them there.


Both in their mid-seventies, the sisters, along with their husbands, walked through the house room by room, telling stories and recalling “old times.” They said that except for the interiors, not much had changed about the house. I listened as they spoke of their mother and grandmother and about the horse that they kept in the backyard.


It was interesting to hear them talk about their childhood experiences framed in the same spaces of my youth. I realized that we shared the common bond of finding the simple beauty in those old rooms. Walking through the house that day gave us all a better sense of connection to the past, and I believe that we all left that house feeling settled and contented. I’m thankful to have had that experience before the house did finally sell.  


Day 22 Guide


As Thanksgiving approaches, think of old times. Think about your youth and the importance of family and relationship. Love your family this week, and insure the nestling of great memories. Think of beautiful things and pay special attention to the morning and the afternoon light.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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