22. Thought

The movie “The Ten Commandments” was on television the other night. Like “The Wizard of Oz” it seems to be a TV classic that hits the airwaves once or twice a year. Having seen that movie a half-dozen times, I’m convinced that Charlton Heston is Moses. Whenever I think of Moses I can’t help but to have these images appear in my mind of Heston parting the Red Sea or coming down from Mt. Sinai with the stone tablets.


Moses obviously knew and witnessed a lot more about life that any of us will ever experience. And it’s good, I think, to look at his and other lives for inspiration to help lead us through our own “Red Seas.”


Sometimes things in life seem insurmountable, don’t they? Maybe in your case a relationship has become too confining. Or maybe you feel that you’re in a dead end job. Maybe you’re just bored, tired of the same old routine and not knowing which way to turn in order to change things. Well, the truth is: life is big, really big.


There are thousands of people who would enjoy knowing you and hundreds of alternatives for opening new vistas in your professional life. But in order to change, you must think, trust in life, and eliminate fear from your mind.


Think about where you are, who you are, and how you could help other people. Believe in yourself and your ability to produce results. Fear no more of taking the wrong course. Realize that action preceded by thought will always take you forward, despite the seeming tendency to tread water or circle back.


In order to escape the trappings of cynicism, look up and outward; look to the big things in life. Consider, for example, the colossal stone building campaigns of Ramses the Great – the huge statues and the pyramids; alternatively, consider the spirit of that simple but well-known cartoonist, Charles Shultz, who gave us the beautiful personalities of Snoopy and Charlie Brown in his “Peanuts” strip. Daily, Shultz helped many feel better about their own lives and situations.  (Click here to go to Snoopy’s Home). 


The works of both Ramses and Shultz speak of their own unique philosophies of life. While both left indelible marks on the world, one spoke of a life as god and the other of the life of an average man coming to grips with the important blend of different people and personalities.


Day 22 Guide


Today, look about you. Take note of your surroundings, specifically the people within your circle. Try to think like Charles Shultz and consider the humor of your own unique situation.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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