22. Work

I love watching people work. I don’t mean that I don’t like to work myself. I just enjoy seeing how other people do things. Some people work slowly and deliberately, while others are quick and energetic. Waffle House® short-order cooks, for example, must work fast in order to maintain the flow of customers. A surgeon, on the other hand, takes his time and makes sure that every element of a procedure has been fully completed before continuing.


I also enjoy watching and listening to a good salesman at work. Using his knowledge of the product along with his understanding of people, the salesmen works his way into the mind of a prospective customer and leaves him with a desire to buy from him. Good salesmen don’t let customer-rejection get them down. Instead, they use rejection to sharpen their skills and identify alternate routes that might overcome such objection.


Television is full of shows that demonstrate how things are done: cooking, sewing, home remodeling. I think it’s quite natural for us all to be inspired by seeing other people do things. We like to feel as though we could ourselves accomplish as much.


Day 22 Guide


Take pride in your work and consider how you might improve your skills in the various work-areas of your life. Without the effort towards improvement, things tend to become monotonous.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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