23. Accessibility

Though I’ve never been much of a card player, I think if I ever did take the time, I’d choose bridge as the game to learn. My neighbor is working on her “Life Master” designation – the highest ranking in competitive bridge. She loves the game and travels about, playing in tournaments and earning points towards her goal.


Bridge – it’s even a good name for a game that brings people together from every walk of life, every profession, and of every age. Of the well-known figures that were, or are, avid bridge players the list includes: Clint Eastwood, Malcolm Forbes, Charles Shultz, and Wilt Chamberlain.


But probably the most famous bridge team in the world today is that of investor Warren Buffet and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates – the two richest men in the world with a combined wealth exceeding $100 billion. Both, I’ve read, love the game and enjoy any opportunity to play. Well, it happens that not long ago a friend of my father found himself at a bridge table playing against this formidable twosome. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? How would you feel about that?


Maybe like me, you’d be intimidated, possibly searching for words and hoping not to make any obviously stupid bridge plays. But I think the game itself tends to govern the relationships at the table so that when playing bridge, every person is simply that: a bridge-player. And in the case of bridge, even Bill Gates can be beat.


Building Bridges


Generally speaking, we are fearful creatures. Power amazes and fascinates us. But we’re also searching for its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Why? I think we’re searching for our connection to that power, a bridge of sorts. Aspiring to greatness and witnessing awesome power- these are truly wonderful things. But we also want to be assured that we can taste its fruit, or that we can even reach it.


Jesus was an awesome power. But he also spoke freely of weakness, vulnerability and matters of the spirit. Though great his power, people felt comfortable around him, even the most humble of men.


Day 23 Guide


” One of the best ways in which we can keep the spirit of poetry – by which I mean the higher, sweeter, purer influences of thought – alive in one’s heart, is by accessibility – by determining to speak freely of what one admires and loves, what moves and touches one, what keeps one’s mind upon the inner and finer life.”


    Joyous Gard, Ch. Accessibility


The most expansive bridge is that which connects awesome power to those low in spirit. Today, build a bridge with someone who might need to taste the fruit of life.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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