23. Growth

The dull ache of worry or anxiety closes the door of the spirit, and the thoughts that once led you into the light of day seem old and worn down; the newness is gone and all of your efforts go simply into keeping your head above water.


In times such as these you need a recovery plan to restore your sense of beauty and make things come alive again. And while you may not feel up to it, you must take action to sweeten the sound of your music and heighten your sense of pleasure.


I find that my mind is sometimes able to quickly recover from what seems to be such a burdensome mess. And on the days when little seems to go right, I trust that knowledge and do my best to search for an escape route. I pay careful attention to the subtle elements in my environment – the sounds and sights, the air and the light. I look for cues that might bring to mind warm memories and thoughts of hopeful tomorrows. I look for something to anticipate.


Days 23-27 Guide


Trust your mind’s ability to rebound from the burden of hopeless feelings. Use this holiday season as an opportunity to energize your mind and renew your spirit.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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