23. Hope

No, I believe that we must share our joy as far as we can, and that it is our duty rather to have joy to share, and to guard the quality of it, make it pure and true. We do best if we can so refine our happiness as to make it a thing which is not dependent upon wealth or ease; and the more natural our life is, the more can we be of use by the example which is not self-conscious but contagious, by showing that joy does not depend upon excitement and stimulus, but upon vivid using of the very stuff of life.

          — Benson, Joyous Gard


Go West, Young Man


I sometimes take an evening walk on a quiet, divided street that runs east-west. I much prefer walking west, into the setting sun. After walking the 1/3 mile leg of the street heading east, I make the turn and head back west. That turn settles my spirit and makes me feel like I’m chasing the sun rather than retreating from her. I sense that she’s calling me to follow her as she travels across the sky to shed her light on other lands.


Day 23 Guide


What is your joy? When are you most apt to meet that feeling that you’d like to share with others?


© 2006, Levi Hill

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