23. Hope

In front of our house, not far from the road, is a retaining wall that stands about two feet tall. I remember the day last summer when my daughter and her friend decided to sell lemonade to passersby; they gathered cups, napkins, ice and set up a table in front of the wall with a hand-painted sign that read simply:



25 cents.


As they operated their little stand, I sat at my desk and watched them through the window. They weren’t satisfied to just sit and let their sign do the selling. Instead, they stood on top of the wall, side by side, and danced whenever a car was nearing. Their dance would end just after the car passed, only to start up again when they heard another one coming. I watched and wondered just how long they would be willing to keep that up. Would they get discouraged if no cars stopped? Would their dance slow down?


A number of cars passed by, but very few even slowed down. That, however, didn’t seem to slow down these two girls one bit. Their dance remained strong and alive. And right up until they finally decided to call it a day, they continued selling with spirits that remained hopeful.


Day 23 Guide


Do your spirits remain strong in the face of failure? Hope gives you that strength to carry on and be fresh. Don’t despair, my friend but keep trying. Keep smiling. Keep dancing.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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