23. Knowledge




Train of Thought


I enjoy reading. But for me it\’s a discipline, not a habit. I suppose reading doesn\’t compel me enough to be habit forming. Maybe it\’s because my mind tends to wander, and when I read I think of a thousand different things. Books excite new ideas and displace my focus.


The best time for me to read is when my mind is free and uncluttered. Mornings work best “ as long as I can stay awake. I find coffee to be a good complement to reading, so are rainy days. If you\’re like me, reading in the evening is a good prescription for insomnia — one or two pages, and I\’m out like a light. But then I know others who get so lost in a good book that they aren\’t able to fall asleep. I wish I were like that. I\’m sure I\’d read more.


I enjoy writing, but it too is a discipline. My primary reason for writing is in order to think. I love the places where writing takes me. Books-lovers would say the same for reading. But when I write, the choice of where I go is mine. I\’m not following a path but creating one. Readers enjoy the intrigue of a good book “ the surprises, the twists and turns. But writing can surprise you too. And it\’s always fun to find out where the train of thought is headed.


Day 23 Guide


Reading and writing may not be habits for you. But they can be disciplines. And there\’s no better time to begin a discipline than right now. Pick a time and place, and spend 30 minutes each day in the world of ideas.


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