23. Visions

About four years ago, I was playing golf on a nice mild day when a cold wind swept through and immediately lowered the ambient temperature by some twenty degrees. None of the golfers I saw had sweaters or jackets, and most headed back to the clubhouse because they were just too cold to continue playing.

We trust that things will remain fairly constant and predictable, don’t we? We don’t typically plan for something like a twenty degree drop in temperature, unless, of course, such a pattern is common for a particular area, like the desert.

Just think of what goes on behind the scenes to protect the balance that we so count on. Think of the things that are constantly at work inside your body to fight off life-threatening diseases and infection. Think of the delicate micro-processes of the brain that must occur in order to keep a highway driver safely traveling at seventy-five miles per hour. How many hundreds of thousands of things do you think must happen in order for one simple flower to bloom? Seemingly, there is an infinite array of things that are in constant motion to maintain some level of predictability in the world.

It is the visionary who might, on occasion, sense an uncommon connection with those forces that so guide the world. It is the visionary who at times has such a keen sense that he or she can “see” or “feel” life patterns. Insight and vision, I believe, depend much less on skill than they do a sense of beauty.

It is an uncommon connection with the human emotions of love, desire, and fear that gives the visionary a feeling for the direction of mankind and civilization. Just as the animals did strangely take to the high ground prior to the recent tsunami that devastated parts of Asia, so the visionary senses patterns and responds with messages of understanding and hope but also with warnings of danger ahead.

Days 23-26 Guide

Listen to the voices that speak beneath the noise: the words of the songwriter or the poet. Listen to the thoughts of children.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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