24. Experience

I think God really likes to see what we’re going to do with our experiences. Are we going to just pack them away in the corners of memory for later recall and reflection? Or are we going to use them presently and actively to change our tomorrow?


Life sometimes puts us in places and situations that aren’t of our own choosing. You never know for sure what the next day will hold. Like a river, the circumstances of life are ever flowing.


It could be that you are swept quickly away by a strong current, far away from the normal course. And while some will ask why God would send them into the mouth of difficulty or danger, I think that it’s more helpful to simply ask what is it that God wants you to take from your experience. I am one who believes that God never delivers you into danger but rather waits there ahead to offer the safety of His presence.


Day 24 Guide


Experiences — some you will enjoy, and others you won’t. But you can learn from them all. What is it that God wants you to see?


© 2006, Levi Hill

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