24. Interpretation

Interpreting life requires first that you have a key to translate the “babble” of events into a language that you might understand – the language of meaning. Just imagine having a keen, unbroken sense that every moment of event event of every day was essential to the fulfillment of a divine purpose. Consider the safety of being armed with the knowledge that you’re caught in God’s ordained timeline and that He is using your course in life to complete His mission.


Okay, maybe this all sounds a bit unrealistic (to think in terms of a divine plan, i.e.). But think “big” for a moment, and consider the importance of your actions and your choices. Think of their effect on yourself and those around you. It’s hard to really even know how you might influence those near you, isn’t it? Who knows, without even realizing it, you could be helping others to find life more satisfying and meaningful.


Day 24 Guide


Spend this one day reminding yourself that your every move might be leading to the fulfillment of a divine purpose. Be alert to the many opportunities that God puts before you.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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