24. Visions

At times, life seems to put you in a box — six walls and no way of escape. You look around and in every direction there are only dead-ends. No amount of argument or work changes the situation; in fact, any effort to escape seems only to fortify the walls.


Exhaustion, worry, anxiety – these are the mortar-joints of the stone faces that surround you and blind your view to the higher things, those things beyond the box.


Beauty is a stranger to the box, refusing ever to be confined. She is total freedom, the refuge and the key to unlock wonderful visions of hope and creativity.


Day 24 Guide


On this busy day before Thanksgiving, fill your mind and your surroundings with the things you love. Reach for that drop of silence to quiet your anxious heart. Find a moment to pray and ask God to strengthen you with His peace, that no matter the situation you are able to cling to higher things – those things beyond the box. 


Yea, through the pane, the light of day
Shines bright on eyes that see.
I’m here, my love, come, take my hand,
And walk the road with me.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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