25. Faith

Do you ever feel you can’t see beyond your own life and your own problems? It’s easy for any of us to become myopic, unable to sense the things beyond – things of the spirit and of God. Difficulties harden us and sometimes leave us with little reason to have faith in tomorrow. And it’s then that we need a force or strength to put us back on the right path. We need to see or experience something powerful – something to break through and speak to the guarded spirit.


The winds of Joyous Gard enable you to more easily call up those healing forces that would help you experience the richness and pleasures of life. Time, certainly, is a great healer. But I believe the true healing power comes from faith in a greater purpose.


Days 25-28 Guide


God, I believe, is totally efficient and uses the insignificant events of life to reveal Himself. During those times when life seems to offer little, pray that God would make you attentive to His work. See his power in even the smallest of events.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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