25. Faith

“He was such a comfortable person!” as a simple man once said to me of one of the best of Christians: “if you had gone wrong, he did not find fault, but tried to see the way out; and if you were in pain or trouble, he said very little; you only felt it was all right when he was by.”


   Faith, Joyous Gard


Faith – some think of it as the belief in things beyond proof. But I think it’s also the belief in things of the present world – truth, beauty and goodness, for example. Now I agree that it is sometimes hard to have faith in such ideals. The world today claims that truth is whatever you want it to be, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that goodness is a rare find.


But in the stillness of thought, the mind of Joyous Gard finds these great ideas alive and enjoys their rich presence even in the face of complex circumstances. You see it in the eyes of children, in the setting of the sun, or in the smile of a friend. You feel it in the cool of the morning, in the touch of a lover, or in the helping hand of a stranger.


Day 25 Guide


Be careful not to overlook the presence of God’s design. Take time to stop and identify the things that restore your spirit and give you faith in the future.


© 2006, Levi Hill 

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