25. Life

I tend towards the quiet side of life. And most people would say that that’s just my choice, right? But I don’t know. Maybe I’m a victim of the law of inertia, you know the one that says “whatever’s at rest tends to stay at rest.” That’s how I feel anyway. I mean, sometimes it’s just so very hard to get up and do anything.


Other people that I know must be captive of the law’s corollary: that “whatever’s in motion tends to stay in motion.” These are the folks who are doing, doing, doing all the time, time, time. I’m just not built that way. And people on that side of the law tend to make me nervous.  


I think it’s probably fair to say that the things at rest are sometimes bothered by the things in motion and that the things in motion can easily get frustrated by the things at rest. Seeking the needed balance — between work and rest — is an important life search. I find that I’ve got to push myself when I’m down and then temper myself when I’m flying too high. Neither one is easy, but I believe they’re both important. One can just as easily get lost in the clouds as he can in the pillows.


Day 25 Guide


Some of the greatest struggles in life involve balance – both physical and mental. This week, consider the many ways that you might find that needed balance.


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