25. Memory

Generally speaking, we love new and modern things, don’t we? I mean who doesn’t like a new car or a new electronic gadget? It’s awesome to have telephones that you can carry in your pocket. But it’s also easy to get carried away with modernism, wanting at times to jettison the beauty of the past in favor of what seems to be a progressive mind and a better life. Today, the fiber of tradition is being challenged in most every area of life: art, design, and language – even religion.

Call me old-fashioned. But I think much of what we should treasure in life is that which maintains an important connection with the past. Tradition is but one example of holding on to the past. Memory is another.

The father whose daughter matures to become a wife and mother sees her both — and at once – as the little girl sleeping in his arms and the beautiful woman that she has become. It is a special and treasured joy sewn by the threads of a father’s memory.

Day 25 Guide

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”


© 2006, Levi Hill

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