25. Poetry and Life


Not far from where I work is a road that essentially dead ends at the Savannah River. The pavement turns to dirt well before sight of the river’s levee, and driving down the road you’re surrounded by heavy industry until the pavement ends. From that point on it’s as though you’ve entered another world.

Healthy swamp oaks line both side of the dirt road creating a canopy of shade that filters the hot Georgia sun. An old, broken down house is left standing alongside the road, and a bridge appears just before approaching the levee. Through the clearing at the bridge you might see a gathering of stark white egrets, poised in the grassy swamp bog. The contrast of the white birds against the browns and greens of the swamp grass elevates my spirit and calls me to a greater place.

Driving along that 1 mile stretch makes everything in my life feel okay; I think of Joyous Gard whenever I take that drive. I think of the refuge, the peace and the solitude that stand in such contrast to the heavy industry alongside the pavement.

Day 25 Guide

Friend, where is your refuge? Is there a place or a time when your mind is more easily able to return to the thoughts of peace? Consider the places you can go, the things you can do, the moments you can spare to find the clear contrast that defines the edge of the garden. Today, think of how you can often return to Joyous Gard.

© 2005, Levi Hill

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