25. Science

I do still believe that there is a spirit that mingles with our hopes and dreams, something personal, beautiful, fatherly, pure, something which is unwillingly tied to earth and would be free if it could. The sense that we are ourselves wholly separate and distinct, with experience behind us and experience before us, seems to me a fact beside which all other facts pale into insignificance. And next in strength to that seems the fact that we can recognise, and draw near to, and be amazingly desirous of, as well as no less strangely hostile to, other similar selves; that our thought can mingle with theirs, pass into theirs, as theirs into ours, forging a bond which no accident of matter can dissolve.


                 — Joyous Gard, Science


In my opinion we’re in need of a body of knowledge — a science of sorts — of the spirit. Belief in God fills the place in our being that calls for understanding and a sense of purpose. Yet the spirit, which animates our days, colors our attitudes, and satisfies our creative desires, must be cultivated and nurtured. It must be worked! Just what is it that fills you with the enthusiasm to live? And how do you heighten that desire?


Days 25-27 Guide


This Easter weekend witness and enjoy the newness of life. Look around to find instances of renewal in nature. Consider a change in your habits and seek new interests.


Happy Easter.



© 2005, Levi Hill

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