26. Growth

Above all, we ought to believe that we can do something to change ourselves, if we only try; that we can anchor our conscience to a responsibility or a personality, can perceive that the society of certain people, the reading of certain books, does affect us, make our mind grow and germinate, give us a sense of something fine and significant in life.


   — Benson, Joyous Gard, Growth


The inner place of Joyous Gard is “a work in progress.” I think we should never feel that the entire range of life is within our scope but that there is always more to grasp, a different angle or perspective — another layer of meaning or understanding, another mystery. Consider my earlier piece about fractals. On Day 3, March, 2005 I wrote:


A modern day high-tech example of such a principle of endless discovery and renewal is the computerized fractal, which by definition is “a mathematically conceived curve such that any small part of it, enlarged, has the same statistical character as the original” (Oxford English Dictionary.) Applying the mathematical principles of the fractal and graphically demonstrating its meaning on a computer reveals an endlessly enticing and infinitely renewable world of beauty.


In my opinion, one of the most beautiful features of living is the endless possibility for perfecting and improving our time here. Only the mind of God is ever satisfied that all is within its grasp, and yet we humans do find pleasure in more fully coming to know the nature and meaning of life and the soul. In our quest for greater understanding, we expose new layers of truth, and this I call growth.


Day 26 Guide


Consider today how your efforts, your plans and your aims in life will forever change the universe. Though it might be hard to believe, because of you the universe will be changed today in some way. Never underestimate the significance of almost everything.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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