26. Ideas

I suppose that if I had to choose my favorite mark of punctuation, it’d be the comma. I love its pause. And the comma is most versatile, too. It opens needed space between ideas to make them more attractive, more significant even. A comma is sympathetic in that it seems to understand the reader’s effort to comprehend. And it’s the comma that enables a writer to speak plainly so that the reader might hear his voice.


Commas aren’t presumptuous or pretentious, but considerate and humble. They don’t force you to stop. They just quietly suggest good resting points along the way. I even love the shape and position of the comma, curved and at the feet of words. The comma appears as though it’s making the subtle gesture of a bow, as if to recognize the reader’s presence and then usher him forward to meet new concepts and further refinement.


Day 26 Guide


The spirit of Joyous Gard recognizes the pervasiveness of beauty and hesitates in order to enjoy its presence. Take some time during the day to pause and sense the comfort of that space. Add some commas to your day.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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