26. Interpretation

Jamaican born choreographer Garth Fagan is noted for his work on Disney’s hit Broadway musical The Lion King, which won him a Tony® Award in 1998 for best choreography. His Afro-Caribbean brand of dance is especially unique and has become known as the Fagan Technique, which he now teaches to a small company of dancers located in Rochester, NY — http://www.garthfagandance.org/ –. He and his company travel around the world dazzling audiences with their phenomenal precision on the dance floor. Mixing traditional jazz, ballet and tap with his own inventive movements Fagan creates a modern dance experience that leaves audiences stunned.


I had the privilege of seeing his company perform last week and was left with mighty feelings of energy and hopefulness. The company of performers carried out complex modern dance moves with unbelievable precision giving me the ultimate experience of possibility.




The Fagan Technique employs an array of unusual movements, sometimes presented in quiet pause on stage but often times also interrupted with sudden, punctual movements of speed. Arms, legs and torsos are used to create unusual angles as the dancers are sometimes shown as individuals and then other times as part of a more unified whole. That evening, their dance spoke to me of great opportunity. 


I left Fagan’s show feeling renewed — that I had hundreds of options yet to exhaust in my own life and that by thinking creatively in my work I could find a treasure chest of unused capacity and new possibilities. I felt that I must look beyond the normal and customary to find that new, rich life that makes the future seem so bright.


Day 26 Guide


Your feelings today in many ways are a product of how you feel about tomorrow. Are you hopeful? Do you see possibilities and options in your life? Today consider the unending source of opportunities available for you.


Never on this earth will we be free from the strike of trauma, anxiety or loss. But think of the various degrees of freedom that are yours even amidst the difficulty. Think of the possibilities.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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