26. Retrospect

“Where’d I go wrong?” It’s the question we sometimes ask ourselves when we’re facing a difficult, awkward or painful situation. The question itself places blame upon the shoulders of the questioner. It’s a confession of sorts. But it’s also a plea for answers: Some look to heaven for guidance: “Lord, tell me where I went wrong. Am I being penalized for something that I have or haven’t done?”

We’re confused by a universe that doesn’t respond according to our hopes and expectations. In our minds, hard work and honesty should always pay off, right? But often times it goes the other way, with dishonesty generating a fair-share of millionaires and good deeds often going unrewarded or unnoticed. How then should we live?

Day 26 Guide

Keep your eyes on the road, friend. Follow the steady course. Don’t let the precarious winds draw you into dangerous waters. There is great promise and hope written into God’s plan for us.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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