27. Beauty

Beams of sunlight broke through the clouds this morning to cast a golden light on a roadside billboard structure. Looking up at the light, I saw a workman on the catwalk tearing off the painted face of an old advertisement. I wondered, “What would replace the old advertisement? What new face would soon be there to grab the attention of passersby?”


For me, morning is an opportunity for a fresh start. The complexities that sometimes seem to strangle my thoughts in the afternoon and evening are mostly gone by morning, as if they’d been removed from the surface of my mind to leave a fresh space for new thought.  I believe that sleep must do a work similar to that of the man atop the structure, clearing out the old to make room for the new.


Day 27 Guide


We all need fresh starts, don’t you think? When are you most likely to find your mind ready to generate new thoughts and ideas? Be careful to feed your mind when it’s hungry. If morning is your best time – like it is for me – fill your mind with aspirations before the noontime confusion hits.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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