27. Growth


Above all, we ought to believe that we can do something to change ourselves, if we only try; that we can anchor our conscience to a responsibility or a personality, can perceive that the society of certain people, the reading of certain books, does affect us, make our mind grow and germinate, give us a sense of something fine and significant in life.


Joyous Gard, Growth





The tendency as we grow older is to build walls of thought. On the one side are the ideas that we trust and love, and on the other, everything that would threaten our treasure.


Children, as a rule, have yet to erect such walls. In their minds are unencumbered landscapes “ at least for a time. They see endless fields and paths wide enough for many a traveler.


Day 27 Guide


Think today of the ideas that are worthy of your protection, but consider too the walls that should be taken down. Be careful to ensure that reason supports the ideas under siege, and then open the gates to consider a change of heart. Growth occurs in both directions.


© 2009 Levi Hill

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