27. Poetry and Life

There are times when I feel connected and in-sync with the world around me. I feel useful and needed; it’s easy to enjoy life. My relationships are strong and active, and my mind feels tuned in and alive.


But then there are times when I feel lost and distant from anything that matters. I’m burdened, disconnected and awkward. Nothing feels right, and I can’t seem to find enjoyment or purpose in much of anything. The things that mattered are lost to the wind. 


Now, you’d think that such a change in psychology would take some time – that it would require a series of subtle moves, a “bending” of sorts. But it can happen overnight. Just as the clouds can so quickly mask the sunlight, so can a shift in psychology close down the mental channels that are necessary for the apprehension of beauty and purpose. For me, a change in rhythm can trigger the shift.


I love the Christmas season, and I enjoy the holidays. But the shift in patterns sometimes frustrates my psychology and makes it a challenge for me to hold on to an elevated sense of life. I find that I must be careful to protect the routines that keep my mind on the right course. It’s not always easy, though. It’s like taking care not to miss a dance step when there’s a skip in the record.


Day 27 Guide


Do you ever miss a step? Think about the routines that help anchor your mind and your purpose. Think of the things that help you feel normal and alive. Sure, it’s good to take a break, but if you’re like me, it’s also good to keep the pilot light burning. Keep your mind active during the holidays; don’t wait for the New Year.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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