27. Poetry

How might I live poetically? It’s the single thought that inspires my quest. How might I live happily, confidently and lovingly in a world sometimes filled with the twists and turns of hard and narrow roads? It’s easy to simply turn the page and start another day. But isn’t there more? Is there a perspective of life that I might hold which has me doing a work far greater than I might see?


Man is the only creature for whom memory holds the hint of a purpose-driven life. And I think it’s sometimes helpful to look back in order to gain a better insight as to where we might be going. I think that if life has any meaning at all, it must be driven by a powerful and divine purpose.


Day 27 Guide


Take some time to think about how you might live life poetically, holding on to the thought that your actions and your decisions are folded within God’s greater plan.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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