27. Progress

When my sister and I were little, we had a baby sitter named Mrs. Sweat. As I recall, she was never without her knitting bag, and while she knitted, her husband Paul, who would sometimes accompany her, was happy just to watch wrestling on television. Occasionally, he would entertain us by taking his teeth out and giving us a big “gummy” smile. But most of the time you would find him asleep in front of the television, Mrs. Sweat at his side, busily knitting.


She was always working with her hands. And whether it was crocheting or knitting that she was doing, I enjoyed watching her hands move to create these wonderful patterned squares that would eventually make an afghan or some sort of bed cover. I don’t know how many knitted squares it took for her to make a full afghan, but she must have knitted thousands of those things. I admired her persistence and desire to complete a project.


I’m afraid that I sometimes feel like old Paul, just wanting to sit in front of the “tube” and fall asleep. And even though I know the spirit of Joyous Gard is one of elevated energy, it sometimes takes quite an effort for me to get motivated and moving forward.


Day 27 Guide


Today, think about the hands that build and make. Think about those who work to complete a project, and consider the beauty of such progress. Consider the endurance of those who will rebuild those hard hit areas of the Gulf Coast, and try to “feed” off of that energy and desire. America is a nation of progressive, forward looking people. Yet sometimes I think we all need a kick in the pants.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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