27. Thought

Some people just seem to naturally have a keen sense of direction. Not me. I still sometimes get lost in my own hometown. It’s rather embarrassing really — and a bit unnerving — to find myself asking passengers in the car the best way to get across town. Okay, maybe I’m not really that bad. But I do have a hard time envisioning routes when they’re not terribly familiar.

I remember driving home from a local restaurant one night when I took a wrong turn. Unfamiliar with many of the roads on that side of town, I saw no immediate landmarks that would allow me to secure my bearing. But I wasn’t too worried. I knew that I would surely be able to redirect myself when I found just one familiar intersection. But I never saw anything familiar. You see, that wrong turn led me into this rather expansive neighborhood with a labyrinth of twisting roads that did nothing more than to absolutely secure my condition as lost.


Thinking sometimes takes your mind down unfamiliar roads, doesn’t it? Most of the time to be lost in thought is an “okay thing.” It’s not nearly as scary as getting turned around in a big city. And it’s always easy to find your way home when you’re lost in thought. A snap of your fingers easily gets you back to home-base.

Really, I think it’s more then just an “okay thing” to be lost in thought. It’s a good and normal thing, especially for the creative spirit. Winding through the labyrinth of unfamiliar cognitive territory, you will many times find new and important intersections of ideas and beliefs. I think that to lose yourself in thought is to prepare yourself for an epiphany.

Day 27 Guide

Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in thought. Try, in fact, to find quiet times to be by yourself. Get away from the current noise of a busy world. Take a long walk, or get up early in the morning. Intentionally push yourself to get out of sync with the rest of life. Get lost.

© 2006, Levi Hill 

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