27. Thought

The philosophers of ancient Greece placed a high value on thinking. To them it was the highest form of human activity and offered the greatest reward, knowledge. Accordingly, the mind that searches to identify and claim the nature of reality is a focused and attentive mind – a mind that is operating on its highest level.


Centuries of philosophical thinking have resulted in systems and bodies of knowledge. And we in the Western world, by out heritage, consider “thought” to be the single most defining characteristic of man. It is thinking that makes us human.  


Americans prize the pragmatic and scientific mind. We like definite and clear answers on most all matters of concern. The murky waters of uncertainty are generally unsettling, and if we can’t see it or touch it, our tendency is to move on. Time is limited, we say, and we have so much more to do than ponder the mysteries of life.


But it’s also our heritage to commune with God and nature and other people — for no reason other than to simply enjoy feeling a part of the “big picture.” Sure, knowledge is terribly important, and obtaining a formal education is a great privilege. In fact, in today’s world it’s a must. But for each of us there should be time for “pure thought” – time to recognize and enjoy the seamless unfolding of events that finds you a part of something much greater.


Day 27 Guide


At then end of the day today review your thoughts and your activities. Did you at some time feel the presence of love or any power beyond that of accomplishment? Did you make time to locate at least a fragment of your heritage as a spiritual creature? I believe that such touches the emotion and lights the pathways of understanding in your mind. Those moments when you feel like you really “understand”  — those are great moments, aren’t they? And it’s what we all should be searching for daily within the spaces of Joyous Gard.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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