28. Accessibility

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a performance of jazz singer Michael Buble (www.michaelbuble.com), one of the hottest new voices on the music scene. The thirty-one year old Canadian sings a familiar brand of standards made famous by some of the great artists of yesterday like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Ray Charles.

Buble’s brand of music and his presence on stage charged the room with a positive energy leaving the audience feeling good about life. His popularity among the females was evident, and at one point he even walked down into the audience, shook hands and allowed time for a handful of fans to get personal photographs with him.

By taking the time to come off the stage and be out among his fans, Buble immediately became accessible to everyone in the theatre. In essence, he became one of us, limiting the distance between fame and familiarity.

That night made me think about my relationships within my circle of friends and acquaintances. How often, I asked, do I come out of my isolation to be among the people I enjoy? How often do I try to break through the barriers that limit friendship? I believe that loneliness is quite often a self-inflicted sorrow growing at first out of our tone around others. The easiest path to follow is the one that leaves us in our isolation – alone on the stage of life.   

Day 28 Guide

Think about what it might take for you to come down off of your “stage” and move out into the audience. How might you become more accessible to those around you? Spend time considering how to reach others who are in need of your smile or your encouragement. It requires so little to give so much.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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