28. Art

My little girl loves to write. She enjoys writing short stories, making up characters and writing about her own experiences. Not long ago she told me that she wanted to one day become an author; she even asked Santa for a word processor this year. My wife and I were pleased with her request but a bit surprised. “A word processor?” we thought. “She’s only eight-years-old.”


We kept asking her, wanting to make sure that she’d rather not have something else. But every time the answer came back the same: a word processor. Well, Santa managed to deliver on her request, and she’s been faithful about writing a little something every day.


It’s thrilling to see a child recognize and enjoy instances of beauty. As parents and teachers we should do our best to promote the further development of that “sense of beauty.”


Looking out in the world, I see so many children under the pressure to achieve and succeed, most trying all too hard to “win the race.” Don’t you think we ought to spend more time pointing out and enjoying the beautiful things?  Shouldn’t we talk more about the quiet streams, the moonlit nights, and the sycamore trees?


In my opinion, the gift of the artist is his urging us to enjoy the fruits of life. But then we shouldn’t rely on the artist alone to satisfy the human need for beauty. Locked within the common moments of every day are poems, stories, and paintings. Make it your daily effort to find something to stir your sleeping spirit.

Day 28 Guide


In the New Year resolve to spend more time seeking beauty. Arrest your elevated thoughts and commit them to a journal.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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