28. Education

December 28, 2009
December 28, 2009 levi



Most often I find driving to work a rather boring routine: turn after turn it\’s the same scenery. Even the music and the news on the radio sound the same. I hardly listen to the radio anymore but instead use the time in my car to organize my thoughts.

Occasionally, a slow moving train will interrupt my trip. But I usually don\’t mind the wait in the morning. The ten minutes or so that it takes for the train to move along allow just enough time to read the headlines in the newspaper and take a few sips of warm coffee.

Today was one of those rare times that I really did enjoy my drive to work. The sunlight breaking through the clouds was soothing, and my mind was free and unclouded. Nearing my workplace I was energetic and eager to return. I felt that with the wind at my back I could do anything.

Day 28 Guide

If you\’re like me, slowing down is hard to do. The rat-race seems to have us programmed for action. The holidays are good for the soul, Christmas especially. It gives us time to stop, read the headlines and take a few sips of warm coffee.

I hope you find joy in the season.

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