28. Emotion

Emotion or intellect


Look within and consider how you view life. Do you sense a healthy balance in your perspective? Or are you captive to your emotions? Maybe you’re generally indifferent and view your days and activities just as you would general business affairs– with little regard to the emotions.


Is there a way to face life with both emotional and intellectual discernment? I think so. The mind On Gard is a mind alert to beauty and the many connections that call to be answered. The intellect directs attention and seeks the pathways of pleasure, and the emotions in turn respond with the fruit of energy and happiness.


It’s quiet and dark when I wake up in the morning — a peaceful and perfect time to think and develop ideas and plans. But it’s not until I arouse my emotions that I have the energy or even the mind for planning. Ideas begin to flow as my imagination carries me to places far away. I find that music is an ideal platform from which to launch my efforts. Writing may also begin the process – writing in a journal or writing to engage a particular thought, much as I’m doing right now.


Day 28 Guide


Use your emotions to provide the energy for thought. Consider the many ways that you might light the fire of emotion to stir the sleeping mind.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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