28. Life

Life — you never totally figure it out, do you? Even when you’re happy, there’s that lingering suspicion that the bandits are in the bush, waiting to rob you of your joy. What are you really supposed to be doing?  Are you here to fulfill some purpose? For whose benefit are you living?


Many of you probably feel like your purpose is to teach and provide for your children, to build a business, or to be good citizens and role models. And some of you likely hold the Christian purpose of “advancing the kingdom of God.” 


I believe these are all great aspirations, but consider for a moment that your purpose in life is simply to live well. Try your best to suspend the thoughts of building things, getting your children through college, or advancing kingdoms. If your purpose is simply to live well, then what do you need to figure out? What is it that constitutes the good life?


Life is complex. There are many facets and elements that make up the goodness in life. And by assuming the above proposition, your primary effort would be to identify and prioritize these things – both the things that are important to you and also the things you want to avoid.


Obviously, the love that you have for your family and friends will factor into your answers as might your feelings of justice and honor. You might look around and also observe the implosion of lives in order to identify the things to guard against. What are the common features of lives gone awry?


I think it’s good to occasionally take an inventory of your life. Try to simplify things and ask yourself basic questions: Where am I headed? For what am I living? What is the good life?


This is the last day of the Joyous Gard cycle and also the first day of the week. It’s a good time to reassess.


Day 28 Guide


Today, begin an assessment of your situation. Ask yourself some of the basic questions, assuming that your purpose is simply to live well. What does living well mean to you?


© 2005, Levi Hill

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