28. Memory

I was five years old when on the day following Christmas I badly cut my finger. I have some recollection of being rushed to the emergency room and of the doctor operating. Today I’m reminded of the accident by a scar and the slightly limited use of that finger.


I know one young boy whose memory of this Christmas will be of the time that he broke his wrist, and for another boy and his family of the fearful time that a diagnosis of Leukemia was given. Survivors of the earthquake in Asia will deal with the memories of devastation and loss; and even this country, I’m sure, will remember it as a time of mourning.


Our human nature is to remember, isn’t it? I think the purpose of such a faculty is not in order to relive the experiences but to learn to live with them, to wrestle with them, to deal with them. And though sometimes it seems like we’re living in a stream of adversity, the Christmas season steadfastly marks the enduring gift of salvation and peace to a needy world.


Day 28 Guide


Hold on to the spirit and the thought of Christmas in these final days of the year.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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