28. Progress

I like to think that the most natural state for man is to walk in the light of day, easily recognizing beauty in his surroundings and in the people he meets. But because we don’t live in easy times, there is a tendency for us to be held captive by the competing state of mind that I call defensive watchfulness. Navigating today’s currents requires a level of attention that is focused and limited. And quite often we end up closing the wider perspective that invites so many beautiful things into the mind. 


I’m not complaining about living in a society that cleaves so strongly to the ideas of progress. It’s staggering the amount of benefits that we reap from the advancements in science and technology. To me, it’s even a miracle that we can fly from coast to coast in a single day!


I say simply this: our natural inclination is to delight in the beauty and the love that surrounds us, and that we should do what we can to draw some of our attention to the greater things.


Day 28 Guide


Today and tonight take time to talk to someone you know and enjoy. Play a game, crank up the music, take a walk. Enjoy life’s simpler pleasures.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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