28. Work

I’m a people watcher. In fact, I sometimes see myself as more of a spectator in life than a participant. I enjoy watching, asking myself questions and trying to figure out the meaning of it all. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love to live. But I so enjoy watching people move and seeing intentions come alive.


Watching as the many various activities take place in one theatre of activity, like a restaurant, is terribly interesting to me. From the art of gracefully and politely hosting or waiting on tables to the talent of preparing a well-cooked meal or tending bar – a restaurant is the perfect place to watch people work.


Now, as much as people complain about work, many must also enjoy it. And that’s what I’m looking for: people who enjoy their work. It’s contagious and makes me feel good about everything.


Just this past Friday night I had such an experience. The young girl who waited on our table in a local restaurant was a great example of that enthusiastic and energetic worker. Her movements and her comments clearly demonstrated that she was having a good time along with us. As we were laughing and talking, she was busy insuring that we were totally satisfied, smiling all the while. She was very good at her job, and I watched her closely. Never once did I see a hint of frustration or anxiety. In fact, to me she looked like she was just plain happy about life – happy to be alive and working. I couldn’t help but give her a hug as we left the restaurant.


Day 28 Guide


Are you happy in your job? Are you good at it? Think today about the importance of what you do and realize that your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Like me there are others who thirst for examples of routine living driven by purpose and intention. It’s Monday, let’s go to work. And by the way, have fun.


© 2005, Levi Hill 

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