29. Hope

Winters are usually mild here in Georgia, but the summers – well, they can be very hot. The high humidity here in the South amplifies things a bit, making the winters feel colder and the summers, hotter. But I do enjoy feeling that definite change in seasons. Change, I think, is even an important therapeutic agent for the spirit.


Here in Augusta, during this time of year, the azaleas begin to bloom around the city, celebrating, with vivid pinks and lavenders, the entry of spring, my favorite season. From my window this morning, I see that it’s going to be a clear day; the thought of a warming sun makes me feel good about things, hopeful. 


Music gives me that same sense of hope. And if you’re like me, a good song can completely change your day. I’ll easily listen to a great song over and over – possibly a dozen times – in order to help my mind rebuild a tired and anxious spirit. And like a change of seasons, music opens up my mind to possibilities and helps to infuse my body and my spirit with energy.


Think about your own experiences with personal energy. Consider first the things that create energy for you, and then those that exhaust it. Think back on a time or an instance in your life when you may have been terribly excited and unable to sleep. Have you ever had a thought or an idea that kept you up at night? What about love or an important relationship? Has the thought of someone ever made you abound with energy? Does a relationship, or even a good conservation, make you feel renewed and alive? Such, I believe, is the nature of the mind and energy, that feeling energetic is much more a product of thinking than it is of the body itself.


Day 29 Guide


Spring is upon us. It’s a great season to make positive changes in your life. To feel energized, listen to some great music, go to a movie, or talk to someone you enjoy.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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