29. Knowledge

The thought of knowledge invokes in me the mental image of crowded highways routing automobiles in and around a big city. I think of the brain routing bits of varied information, which, much like speeding cars, cross, meet and merge with other bits to generate new patterns of knowledge and understanding.


Sometimes, however, the brain is quiet. And like Sunday morning freeways, the roads of thought are barren and wide and full of unused capacity. Freeways are designed for anticipated peak usage, with enough lanes and exits to handle rush hour traffic. The brain, I believe, is similarly engineered for those integrated thoughts and feelings that accompany the rush hour of thought. The mental processes of learning and thinking route information down neural highways to merge with and meet other streams of information in order to form an integrated whole, a collection called knowledge.


Day 29 Guide


It’s nice sometimes to travel down those wide Sunday morning freeways of thought. But the knowledge that so satisfies the human’s desire to understand is acquired by the heavy flow of mental traffic — thinking. This week consider how you might increase the traffic and flow of information in your brain. Make a list of five books that you’d like to read over the summer.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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