29. Retrospect

I live only six or seven houses down from my childhood home, and so the street that I drive on today is the same street that I rode my bicycle on when I was a little boy. I’m fortunate in that taking a walk is truly a trip down memory lane.


The feelings that I had as a child return to me as I walk, and many of the houses that I pass store rich memories of friends and neighbors. In fact, I live almost directly across the street from a house in which I met my first friend. I guess at the time we were only four or five years old.


He and I become best of friends growing up together. And I remember the many hours we spent riding our bicycles and climbing in trees. I love thinking about those times.  


Day 29 Guide


Just before the start of a new year, think about your childhood. If you’re able, visit an old place that brings back fond memories. You’ll find that writing about some of your early experiences in a journal is a great way to release the fragrance of those sweet times.


© 2004 Levi Hill

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