29. Sympathy

I guess you’d say that I’m in the middle years of my life. But I hesitate to claim that I’m middle-aged; what is middle-aged anyway? I don’t think I’m quite there yet. But my spirit – well, thanks to the younger generation, my spirit remains spry and excited. I love to see young people just starting down the roads of life – opening the doors of romance and marriage, song and dance. The smiles and laughter of youth make me feel good; they make me want to live.


The young actress and singer Renee Olstead (www.reneeolstead.com) is a beautiful example of the spirit that welcomes every generation. Her CD, titled simply “Renee Olstead,” contains a collection of musical standards that invites audiences, both young and old, and inspires those wonderful feelings of a lovesick heart. Her music and rich expression make me feel good about life, as though I’m just beginning my journey. The mixing of youth, charm, and beauty with the classic music of yesterday, well it’s a dynamite formula that ties together people of all ages.


Days 29-May 1 Guide


Use this weekend as a time to look and enjoy the young people around you. It’s their energy and excitement about life that will paint the textures of beauty in the years to come.


Try listening to the music of Renee Olstead on her website (www.reneeolstead.com).


© 2005, Levi Hill

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