29. The Principle of Beauty

Thus the soul that desires to see beauty must begin by believing it to be there, must expect to see it, must watch for it, must not be discouraged by those who do not see it, and least of all give heed to those who would forbid one to discern it except in definite and approved forms.


Joyous Gard, The Principle of Beauty



James Miller, Come on Down! You are the next contestant on The Price is Right!


Those words sent my friend, James “Bobby” Miller, running down the studio aisle last week to stand on contestant’s row and have the chance to go on stage with The Price is Right game-show host, Bob Barker. Most people would say that he was lucky, but I believe Bobby expected to hear his name called. He’s the kind of guy who believes that he can win anything. And I’m beginning to think that he’s right.


The opportunity to go on stage is won among the contestants by entering the closest bid for an item shown on stage. It was for a set of Tama Drums that Bobby entered a bid of $1000 and then waited for the result to be read by Bob Barker. Just before the results were presented, however, a bell rang, indicating that among the bidders, there was one who had entered the exact price. The contestants were informed that not only would this person win the chance to go on stage, but that he would also win $500 in cash. Well, that winner was none other than my friend, Bobby.


With his hands flying in the air, Bobby ran up on stage to accept his $500 and then find himself with the opportunity to win an even bigger prize, a new car! The game he played, “Switcharoo,” looked rather simple. But Bobby was obviously anxious as he shuffled five numbers on a game-board, hoping to match the correct answer within a set time limit. Looking for help from his friends in the audience, Bobby made a few additional changes until finally, he said that he was satisfied with his answer. And then, following a few tense seconds, Bob Barker called to “show the results.” Well, you could not have seen a happier person than my friend, Bobby Miller, the moment he discovered that he’d just won a brand new car.


Day 29 Guide


Even though it sounds sort of backwards, the most disappointed people are usually the ones who expect little. The most joyful, on the other hand, are those who have a strong expectation of things desired. It is the energy called hope.


Believe, my friend.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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