3. Faith

Sometimes my most deeply held beliefs are easily clouded over — supplanted by transient thoughts and concerns of the day. The general noise of life easily cripples my deeper feelings of love, wonder, and connection, leaving me feeling lost and alone, as if I’m wandering in a desert. In such barren times I look for wormholes of escape – cues and snippets of beauty that arouse my spirit and fill my soul with cool, fresh water.


Last night, I found such beauty in the eyes of my fourteen-year old son. As we were talking, I saw in him a fresh and pure desire to become a man. I saw the sweet energy of youth striving to understand and to fit in. I saw in him the beautiful human longing for connection. Last night, I saw things that brought tears to my eyes and led me out of the desert.


Day 3 Guide


Restoration begins at the core of your being, the nature of your soul that understands the language of love and the need for relationship. Recognizing beauty means that you make yourself vulnerable and available and set aside your mental distractions. Today try to find a bit of peace and quiet, a time to relax and turn your mind towards the higher things.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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