3. Hope

Yesterday, I picked up something at the dry cleaners and noticed a sign hanging on the wall: “I AM AN AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR.” The sign said just that, nothing more – no graphics, color, or anything to really catch your eye; just those words. I suppose that the sign was intended to simply alert people who walked in the door that they could order Amway products from the owner of the cleaners. I thought it was a bit strange.


But I started thinking — what if that sign had said something like this instead: “I AM HAPPY.” Now, that would make you curious, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t you want to know what this person was so happy about that he or she would advertise it? Wouldn’t you just be dying to ask that owner, “Why are you happy?”


I remember one day, many years ago, waiting in line at the bank and overhearing a young teller complain to a customer about how long a day it had been. Essentially, she was whining, and the customer, a tall, older man, simply smiled and said this in response: “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, so much to look forward to. Every day is a gift. And when you get old like me you’ll realize that.” He completed his transaction and walked off.


Driving out of the bank’s parking lot, I happened to catch that old man as he was walking to his car. I pulled up beside him, rolled down my window and told him how much I appreciated what he said to that young teller.


“Are you a preacher?” he asked

“No, just a man.” I said. And I drove off in tears of joy to once again feel the significance of life.    


Don’t we all want to be happy? There truly are so many ways to enter Joyous Gard, so many ways to find the cool refreshing waters of life. I know that the toil, the disappointment and the stress of living often times hide its doorways, but Joyous Gard waits for our return.


Days 3-5 Guide


The weekend is the ideal time to make the move to Higher Things. Open a door to Joyous Gard and enter one of its many rooms. Find something this weekend to restore your thoughts of Higher Things. Consider all that there is for you to learn, to witness and to anticipate.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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