3. Ideas


The world of ideas is large indeed. But to what small community of thought might the above picture belong? Ideas of beauty abound in the mind, and an example of such thought could very well be this little beach bungalow in Bermuda.

Some twenty years ago, my wife and I were there on our honeymoon, where she bought this little painted piece of wood as a memento of our trip. For her, this small scene of a house by the water is a portal to the sublime, arousing soothing ideas of tranquility and beauty — thoughts that mitigate the noise of the day. And that’s what the place of Joyous Gard is all about – a return to beauty.

The Joyous Gard Program is concerned with helping you to build the habits of often returning to the world beauty – to see the world and life in a golden morning light.

Day 3 Guide

Think today of the various ways that you might find yourself rapt in the world of beauty. Is it music or poetry or pictures – such as the one above – that move you to those heightened feelings of ecstasy?

© 2005, Levi Hill

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